PVE Build and Guide of Blade and Soul

Here is a lightning crash + perma stealth build for PVE you should know. Assassin is a very powerful class in BNS gold. It has a lot of control and damage abilities, but is lack of counter attack and defense skills, so how to play well this class in PVE and PvP?

Level 34 Assassin Stealth PVE Build, then change to Level 45 assassin build.
Heart Stab: Tier4 Form1
Venom Pierce: Tier4 Form1
Shadow Dash: Tier3 Form1
Shadow Siphon: Tier2 Form3
Swiftstep: Tier2 Form1
Poison Breath: Tier3 Form1
Set Landmine: Tier2 Form3(Lv34) → Tier3 Form3 (Lv45)
Smoke Screen: Tier3 Form3
Lotus Fury: Tier1 Form1(Lv34) → Tier3 Form1 (Lv45)

As your level upgrade, you can point out the Lightning Rod (Tier3 Form3), Sneak Attack (Tier2 Form2) and Spinal Tap (Tier3 Form1). Blade and Soul gold Assassin Lv45 Lighting Stealth Build

The poison wine + lightning stride always made me happy in the spider dungeon. Wine itself wouldn’t do that much damage, but the lightning stride was doing 13k crits to all the mobs hit. Took like 75% of their hp down alone. Assassin best soul shield is misty woods bopae + added crit. That 40k hp is really helpful against world bosses and PvP.

For Lv40+ assassin, maybe you are bored the infinite stealth RB + F spam, backstep, restealth repeat in PVE, what more should you be doing? Do not worry, the later content will provide us the necessary skills/skill points to let you choose between Stealth Lightning build or Decoy Dark build. Dark Build is LB/RB/F ani-cancel while lightning is RB/F/4 ani-cancel.


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